Website Development & Design

I have been designing and maintaining websites since 1995. I am now specializing in content management design so that clients may update their websites themselves. Using the Joomla content management system (CMS), I build elegant and sophisticated sites. If requested, I can also teach clients the skills to update their content.

I also develop web graphics and have worked with artists to incorporate works of art on business websites. Writing and editing proficiency adds to my expertise in developing a high quality web experience for your visitors and clients.

My experience with artists and arts organizations has given me the insight to cater to arts-oriented websites, although I am certainly not limited to that category!

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Original websites developed and designed in the past (no longer in existence): Magnifico (1999-2004), Albuquerque Arts Alliance (1997), Explora Children's Museum (1998-99), University of North Texas Art Gallery (1995).

Please contact me to discuss what your needs are and how we can work together!

Other Design

Although web design is my focus, I can also offer print design services. I've designed a number of CD covers for Frank McCulloch y sus Amigos and other musicians.

CD Design

  • McCulloch1
  • McCulloch2
  • McCulloch3
  • McCulloch4
  • Losotros1
  • Losotros2
  • Losotros3
  • LuisCampos1
  • LuisCampos2
  • LuisCampos3

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